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What is psychodynamic counselling? 17th April, 2016

There are different therapeutic approaches and they all have a place.  Some focus on problem resolution and symptom elimination and may provide temporary relief.

Psychodynamic counselling goes beyond symptoms and attempts to get to the root cause of the problems and the emotions that underlie behaviour.  As a result the benefits and effects of therapy are considered to be more permanent and lasting.

A psychodynamic counsellor is highly skilled and places emphasis on our formative experiences and helps bring clients' unconscious behaviours and relating patterns into awareness giving you the opportunity to consciously adapt your behaviour, make decisions and have more control over your life.

I am a psychodynamic counsellor and help people to reconnect with their past in a meaningful way.  You will always be in control of what we talk about and when and you'll never be pressured into talking about anything you're uncomfortable about or not ready for.  The relationship you have with your therapist, however, is the most important ingredient to succesul therapy.

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