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How will counselling help me?

People decide to seek counselling for a variety of reasons including feelings of depression and anxiety, career or relationship issues, bereavement as well as many other reasons.

Counselling can help you deal with difficult life events such as unemployment, loss, relationship difficulties and abuse. It can help improve medical conditions such as depression, anxiety or an eating disorder and it can also help improve physical problems such as troubled sleep, high blood pressure or panic attacks. Counselling may also help alleviate stress-related problems such as ulcers, heart conditions and migraines.

Counselling or 'talking therapy' can help improve the quality of people's lives by providing a confidential space to explore areas of difficulty and focus on changes you would like to make.

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Whilst some people feel they should to be able to talk to friends and family about their problems or even resolve them on their own, it's rarely that easy and friends and family are often part of the problem.

Counsellors are impartial and trained to listen attentively to your concerns without judgement which means that you can talk freely about whatever is on your mind. Your counsellor will try and see things from your point of view and will help you to see things more clearly and may even offer you a different perspective.

This often helps clients to make better sense of situations whilst increasing self-esteem, awareness, understanding and improving both personal and professional relationships.

Counsellors help clients to see things as they really are rather than run away from them which can lead to other problems. This is done sensitively of course and at the client's pace.

People really value seeing a therapist these days. You might too!

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