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Is depression a disorder? 22nd May, 2015

Since the tragedy of germanwings flight 9525 where the pilot is thought to have deliberately crashed the plane, there is a growing narrative about whether people should be screened for mental health problems.

Unlike physical medicine however, there are no blood tests, brain scans or X-rays that can confirm a disorder.

Psychodynamic counsellors tend not to use labels. We help clients explore, in a confidential setting, what their 'depression' means to them personally and how their environment and life experiences may have contributed to them feeling out-of-sorts.

It often comes as a huge relief to clients who come to realise that there are contributing factors to help explain why they have been feeling this way. By re-casting the problem and helping clients find words to describe their internal world, we help our clients shift from a 'depressive' position to a more balanced and healthy position where they can start to make decisions and take control of their life again.

If you, or someone you know, are struggling with 'depression' then speak to your GP who may be able to offer you a limited counselling service or speak to me.

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