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Davina McCall does Desert Island Discs 27th December, 2016

TV Presenter, Davina McCall does ‘Desert Island Discs’ with Kirsty Young.  This frank and heartfelt interview allowed us a glimpse into her private life and difficult childhood with a neglectful and chaotic mother who had a history of substance abuse.

Davina’s relationship with an absent mother with addictions may have played a role in her own drug addiction later in life as a young woman.

Drug taking can be an unconscious way of filling the void created by a lack of love and connection in our early years leaving us with a deep-seated yearning and craving in adulthood which is then displaced onto other people and/or things. 

Davina eluded to a lack of nurture that had passed down the generations of her family and which she tried to compensate for by being the perfect mother to her own (three) children. 

Davina sought counselling at a difficult time in her life.  Sometimes things from our past can crop up and spoil things for us in the present. Looking back in our life and making sense of our story with the help of a professional can help us to move forwards. 

Perhaps it is because of her experiences and not in spite of them that Davina has become the resilient and inspiring person that she is today. She embraces fitness challenges such as triathlon and open water swimming with sheer grit and determination. 

If you need help in making sense of your story and moving forward in your life then visit my website and find out more about how I can help you, what to expect from counselling and how to get in touch.  I promise you listening ears, empathic advice and total confidentiality.

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